Series: Documentaries


Hitman Hart, Wrestling With Shadows

SynopsisReviewsAwardsBret Hart, five times’ champion of the World Wrestling Federation, sits in a hotel room – one day before the most important fight of his life. Sure, it’s just professional wrestling, but this match is different. It will be Bret’s last in the WWF, a co SynopsisReviewsAwardsBret...

Lost in Las Vegas

Paul Jay's Lost in Las Vegas (2001), is a film about reality and fantasy, money and morality, and the price one pays to chase a dream. Vegas is the place where the American soul is most naked and extreme. Is Vegas a bizarre distortion of American values, or is it the shape of things to come?


NeverEndum Referendum

SynopsisQ&AReviews"This is what we never talk about." – Rick Blue"We don't allow ourselves to talk about these things. It's a question of survival of the couple." – Roxanne MajeauNever-Endum Referendum is politics at its most personal. Rick and...


The Life and Death of Owen Hart

Note: After the film was completed, Martha Hart and the Hart family sued WWF and Vince McMahon. It was settled out of court for approximately $18 million on November 2, 2000. SynopsisReviewsToronto Star – Wrenching . . . a heartbreaker Globe & Mail – Another winner Ne Note: After...


Albanian Journey, End of an Era

SynopsisReviewsA film by Paul Jay about the rise and fall of socialism in Albania. Released in September, 1995, the film tells the story of a people mired in poverty for centuries, who stood up to Nazi fascism and began to build a socialist and independent country. It’s a SynopsisReviewsA film by...


The Birth of Language

SynopsisReviewsA film by Paul Jay. What is the meaning of language? How and where did it begin? This highly original and challenging film examines these questions as it explores human evolution and the development of language. THE BIRTH OF LANGUAGE uses a SynopsisReviewsA film by Paul Jay. What is...