theAnalysis is the brainchild of Paul Jay and Sharmini Peries. Along with close friends, they created this site to carry on their work of independent, in-depth, uncompromising journalism.

Paul and Sharmini stopped producing for TRNN in early June 2019 and continue to be in discussions with the board about their departure

Producing quality journalism in these very dangerous times is the priority.


theAnalysis takes on important news stories as a way into a deeper examination of the economic, social and political forces that drive important events.

Corporate news has infantilized the national discourse. We need to tell people the whole truth, as best we can, about the urgency of this historical moment.

Corporate news rarely reveals the underlying interests that motivate individuals and classes to act as they do. In fact, they barely recognize that we live in a class society.

We plan to produce new content on a weekly basis, allowing us to put more effort into each piece. Regular publishing will begin soon.

Our aim is to reveal the economic relationships that are the foundation of political and social struggle. We do this not to understand the world, but to change it.

About Paul Jay

Paul Jay is a journalist and filmmaker. He’s the founder and publisher of theAnalysis.news https://www.theanalysis.news/ and President of Counterspin Films http://www.counterspinfilms.com/. His films have won numerous awards at major festivals around the world. He is past chair of the Documentary Organization of Canada, the main organization of documentary filmmakers in Canada. Jay is the founding chair of the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival and chaired the Hot Docs! board for its first five years.  Jay was the co-creator and co-executive producer of Face Off and counterSpin, nightly prime time debate programs that ran for ten years on CBC Newsworld. Jay is the founder and former CEO of The Real News Network.

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