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How Trump and Pompeo’s Efforts to Equate BDS with Anti-Semitism Backfires

Israel analyst Shir Hever speaks to guest host Greg Wilpert about the different ways in which US Secretary of State Pompeo's latest effort to demonize the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel actually exposes the far right's internal contradictions and could help BDS in the long run.

Are “Net-Zero” Emissions a Smoke Screen?

Peter Carter of the Climate Emergency Institute says "net-zero" carbon emissions by 2050 and targeting 2 degrees warming are a recipe for runaway climate catastrophe. On podcast with Paul Jay.

What Does Net Zero Emissions Actually Mean?

To stop climate change the world needs to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. But what does this actually mean? And can we trust the countries and companies who are announcing their net-zero carbon targets? Produced by Dr. Adam Levy.

Election Crisis and the Electoral College

Alan Hirsch, author of A Short History of Presidential Elections Crises: (And How to Prevent the Next One), says while there is no election crisis now - Biden's win is definitive - the electoral college is undemocratic and increases the possibilities of fraud, uncertain results, and more post...

Gerald Horne

Time to End the “Ceasefire” – Gerald Horne

The election shows that anti-elitism has been captured by the right. It's time for progressives to end the "ceasefire", and fight the enormous pressure that will be exerted to make the Biden administration "get along" with a Republican controlled Senate. Progressives must fight anti-Trump neocons...

Why did Labour Suspend Corbyn? – Leo Panitch

The new leadership of the British Labour Party has suspended its former leader, Jeremy Corbyn, ostensibly for being soft on antisemitism. The real reason is to prove to British and American elites that the party can be trusted on foreign policy. But will this suspension split the party? Leo Panitch...

Trump Says Socialism is His Enemy – He’s Right

Meagan Day, a journalist for Jacobin Magazine and member of the DSA, joins Paul Jay to discuss the challenges in building a broad democratic front that focuses on the climate crisis and defeating rising fascism; and organizing a socialist movement for a more radical transformation of the society.

Juice Podcast with Noam Chomsky

Giordano of Juice Media asks world-renowned intellectual, activist, and political dissident Noam Chomsky about the unfolding train wreck of the 2020 US election, the state of humanity, the breakdown of democracy, the rise of conspiracy theories, the prosecution of Julian Assange, the role of satire...

Risking the Apocalypse for Dollars – Paul Jay

U.S. nuclear war strategy is driven by an arms industry that's willing to risk the end of life on earth to maximize return on their investment. The manufacturers of nuclear weapons are now primarily owned by Blackrock and other institutional investors who profit from a renewed nuclear arms race...

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