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Economics Not Culture Wars Drove Most Trump Voters – Thomas Ferguson

The notion that racism and sexism were the primary factors driving the Trump vote is not born out by the data, economics was very important too. The rural working-class found their lives a little better under Trump and don't believe the Democrats care about them. Will Biden address the inequality or bend to the demands of Wall Street? Thomas Ferguson joins Paul Jay on podcast.

Potential Biden Cabinet Picks Lean Right

Journalist Kevin Gosztola runs down Biden's transition team and possible Cabinet picks and it doesn't look good for progressives, on podcast with Paul Jay.

The Bosses of the Senate

To reduce inequality, monopolies in finance and other economic sectors should be broken up or made public, says Polly Cleveland on podcast with Paul Jay.

Election Crisis and the Electoral College

Alan Hirsch, author of A Short History of Presidential Elections Crises: (And How to Prevent the Next One), says while there is no election crisis now - Biden's win is definitive - the electoral college is undemocratic and increases the possibilities of fraud, uncertain results, and more post-election crises. Hirsch joins Paul Jay on podcast.

We Don’t Have to Live in Mitch McConnell’s World – Max Moran

If he wants to, and that's a big if, Biden has several tools available to circumvent McConnell’s Senate and still appoint the Cabinet secretaries he needs; plus 277 actions that are in the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force documents that can be accomplished with an executive order. Max Moran joins Paul Jay on podcast.

WTO Protects Intellectual Property Rights Over Lives of Millions

Renowned Italian political scientist and economist Riccardo Petrella, says the WTO decision not to waive intellectual property rights during the pandemic will make crucial medicines and technology unaffordable. It could condemn millions to death. On podcast with Paul Jay in collaboration with Other News.

Don’t Depend on Wall St. for Renewable Energy Investment

Innovation in renewable energy, in the public interest, is urgently needed. The financial sector is deeply compromised and cannot be relied upon to invest in effective technologies that are manufactured, rolled out, and make a difference to our energy emissions.  Peter Drahos joins Lyn Fries of GPEnewsdocs. 

The “Fair Wage” Fiction – Richard Kozul-Wright (3/4)

The problem of inequality won't be solved simply by more education and training; inequality is hardwired into the rules of this hyper globalized world. The director of the Division on Globalization and Development Strategies at UNCTAD joins Paul Jay on podcast.

Avoiding Another Lost Decade – Richard Kozul-Wright (pt1/4)

If current trends continue, in 10 years' time wages will be back to the brink of the abyss level of 1930. If governments opt for premature fiscal tightening, the recovery will fizzle out by 2022, says Richard Kozul-Wright, the Director Division of Globalization and Development Strategies at UNCTAD.

Look Back in Anger (at the 07/08 Crash) Richard Kozul-Wright (pt2/4)

In dealing with the Covid economic crisis, governments must not repeat the strategy of the last crisis, where the withdrawal of fiscal stimulus adversely impacted growth, the continuation of quantitative easing, and low-interest rates propelled asset prices ever higher. It led to a combination of high inequality, financial fragility, huge amounts of debt, and growing anxiety everywhere.

Trump vs Biden on Foreign Policy – Abby Martin

Especially on China and Latin America, Biden and Trump overlap quite a bit. However, the major difference lies in Iran policy: Trump supports economic war against Iran; Biden supports the nuclear deal. Trump has been more, not less, aggressive than Obama-Biden. Abby Martin joins Paul Jay on podcast.

Time to End the “Ceasefire” – Gerald Horne

The election shows that anti-elitism has been captured by the right. It's time for progressives to end the "ceasefire", and fight the enormous pressure that will be exerted to make the Biden administration "get along" with a Republican controlled Senate. Progressives must fight anti-Trump neocons pushing Democrats further right, says Gerald Horne on podcast with Paul Jay.

What is to be Done to Save the Planet – Robert Pollin

Robert Pollin and Noam Chomsky’s new book is titled, The Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal: The Political Economy of Saving the Planet. In this segment, Bob lays out the policies that must be enacted in order to meet the targets set by the IPCC. Bob Pollin joins Paul Jay on podcast.

Why did Labour Suspend Corbyn? – Leo Panitch

The new leadership of the British Labour Party has suspended its former leader, Jeremy Corbyn, ostensibly for being soft on antisemitism. The real reason is to prove to British and American elites that the party can be trusted on foreign policy. But will this suspension split the party? Leo Panitch joins Paul Jay on podcast.

Climate Crisis Deciding Factor in Election – Robert Pollin

Biden’s climate plan has serious defects but Trump’s aggressive climate denial must be defeated, says economist Robert Pollin, co-author with Noam Chomsky of Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal: The Political Economy of Saving the Planet. Additionally, Pollin reveals that a Nobel- Prize-winning economist says that four degrees warming above pre-industrial levels would be “optimal” -- something climate scientists consider cataclysmic. Robert Pollin joins Paul Jay on

Without Illusions, the Left Should Vote for Biden – Paul Jay

The process of fascistization is accelerating. For progressives, this election is about choosing a more advantageous field upon which to wage battle. Without creating illusions about who he represents, the Left should vote Biden for President and support progressives in down-ballot races.

Biden vs Trump on Foreign Policy – Medea Benjamin

Code Pink's co-founder Medea Benjamin, one of the most relentless activists in the anti-war movement, looks at U.S. foreign policy and assesses the candidates for President of the United States. With Paul Jay on podcast.

Progressive Cathy Kunkel Running for Congress in West Virginia

In a West Virginia district that's been Republican for 20 years and Trump carried with 68% of the vote, environmental activist Cathy Kunkel is running on a progressive platform including Medicare for All. She might even win. She joins Paul Jay on podcast.

Bolivia’s Election Result Embarrasses the OAS Yet Again

The October 18th presidential election in Bolivia confirms that leftist candidate Luis Arce won the presidency with a solid majority, which puts yet another nail in the coffin of the OAS's efforts to meddle in Bolivia. CEPR's Jake Johnston, who analyzed the highly questionable OAS audit of last year's election, which justified the coup, discusses how this recent result presents a challenge to US foreign policy towards Bolivia.

Trump Says Socialism is His Enemy – He’s Right

Meagan Day, a journalist for Jacobin Magazine and member of the DSA, joins Paul Jay to discuss the challenges in building a broad democratic front that focuses on the climate crisis and defeating rising fascism; and organizing a socialist movement for a more radical transformation of the society.

Don’t Rely on Corporate Democrats to Fight the Right

Eric Blanc (Jacobin Magazine), fears a Corporate Democrat repeat of the 2000 elections when Gore refused to fight once the Supreme Court gave the election to Bush. He says a workers' movement is needed to push back the right and points to the recent teacher strikes as an example. On with Paul Jay.

Arms Sales and Diplomatic Cover – Trump Good for Bulgarian Corruption

Bulgarian journalist Vladamir Mitev, says ongoing protests in Bulgaria are against government corruption and crony capitalism. Bulgaria agreed to a billion-dollar deal for U.S. F-16 fighter aircraft at a time when schools and hospitals a grossly underfunded. A collaboration with "Other News."

A Desperate Trump Will Do Desperate Things – Larry Wilkerson

Larry Wilkerson and Paul Jay discuss a possible rout of the GOP, and what a desperate Trump might do before the transfer of power. If Biden wins, massive pressure is needed to make him reduce deep income inequality, or a new authoritarian threat will emerge by 2024.

Is Trump the Tip of a More Coherent Fascist Spear?

Is the level of political discourse a reflection of the rise of fascism in the United States? Will Biden set the stage for a more dangerous far-right demagogue? Adolph Reed and Leo Panitch say organizing a renewed labor movement is crucial for defeating the rise of fascism. On podcast with Paul Jay

How Deep Will the Depression Get? – Rana Foroohar and Mark Blyth

Rana Foroohar, Financial Times columnist and author (Don't Be Evil: How Big Tech Betrayed Its Founding Principles), and Mark Blyth, political economist and author (Angrynomics), join Paul Jay for a wide-ranging conversation about the deepening depression, inequality, and China. On podcast.

The Coup Against Bolivia’s Evo Morales – Looking Back

On the occasion of Bolivia's presidential election, which is taking place on Sunday, October 18th, 2020, we present a guest production by Peruvian journalist Francesca Emanuele, featuring Jhocelyn Caspa, an eyewitness of the Senkata Massacre that happened shortly after the November 2019 coup that ousted president Evo Morales. Emanuele also interviews Jake Johnston, Senior Research Associate of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, who conducted a detailed analysis of the Organization of...

Daniel Ellsberg on the Assange Extradition and Growing Fascism

[A full video interview] The leaker of the Pentagon Papers says that if Assange is extradited to the U.S., no journalist in the world is safe from being kidnapped to the United States to face life imprisonment for reporting on information like Chelsea Manning released. Daniel Ellsberg joins Paul Jay on podcast.

The Global Police State

Greg Wilpert talks to sociology Professor William I. Robinson about his just-released book, The Global Police State, in which he outlines the confluence of interests between transnational capital, 21st-century fascism, and the general policing of society.

Why Criticize Biden Now, When Trump Fascism is a Threat? – with Paul Jay

A viewer writes: should Paul Jay's critique of Biden wait till after the election? Jay says we need to defeat Trump, but without creating illusions about Biden. We have to build a non-sectarian, broad people's movement with a class conscious core. Lucas Alden interviews Paul Jay (Pt2) on podcast.

Steve Bannon Says War Begins on Nov. 3rd – a podcast with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

Steve Bannon says only in-person voting should be counted on Nov. 3rd, and there will be a "war" to "stop Biden from stealing" the election. Larry Wilkerson says Trump's forces are creating conditions for violence in the streets if he is defeated. AOC calls on people to get organized to defeat Trump as part of a larger battle for survival. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson joins Paul Jay on podcast.

Juice Podcast with Noam Chomsky

Giordano of Juice Media asks world-renowned intellectual, activist, and political dissident Noam Chomsky about the unfolding train wreck of the 2020 US election, the state of humanity, the breakdown of democracy, the rise of conspiracy theories, the prosecution of Julian Assange, the role of satire - and what helps to keep him going amidst all this.

Venezuela’s Opposition Split Over Election Boycott

Temir Porras, a former advisor to Venezuelan Presidents Chavez and Maduro, argues that the opposition's division over boycotting the upcoming parliamentary election could end up marginalizing the extreme-right opposition faction and thus lead to a normalization of politics in Venezuela. Hosted by Greg Wilpert, author of "Changing Venezuela by Taking Power, The History and Policies of the Chavez Government."

Biden Not Phasing Out Fossil Fuel, Relies on Carbon Capture – Robert Pollin

While better than Trump’s climate denial, a review of the Biden climate plan reveals an over reliance on unproven carbon capture and far too limited investment in solar and wind. Biden positions the plan as part of rivalry with China instead of climate cooperation. Bob Pollin joins Paul Jay on podcast.

Biden Blurring Almost Everything – Thomas Ferguson

The Biden campaign is trying to appeal to supporters of a Green New Deal and the finance sector at the same time. He's promising an FDR style New Deal at a time when Wall St. is more powerful than ever. Thomas Ferguson joins Paul Jay on podcast.

Covid and Conspiracy Rising in Romania – Maria Cernat

The decay of the Romanian education system has created a fertile ground for Covid conspiracy theories, many of which originate in right-wing America. Maria Cernat joins Paul Jay on podcast produced in collaboration with Other News.

Populism is Not a Dirty Word – Thomas Frank 3 Part Series

Corporate Democrats despise the left-wing of the party and see all populism as 'deplorables'. If they continue to do so, they will create another Trump. Thomas Frank discusses his new book 'The People, No', on podcast with Paul Jay.

Bolivia: Barricades and Crisis in a Crisis

After three postponed elections, a date is finally set after pressure from protests across the country. Why did Evo step down? How did the conditions for the coup develop? Carlos Orias and Tony Phillips join Paul Jay on podcast produced in cooperation with Other News.

Return to Kandahar – a film by Paul Jay and Nelofer Pazira

A film by Paul Jay and Nelofer Pazira (2002) Nelofer Pazira, returns from Canada to Afghanistan to seek out her childhood friend Dyana. While living under vicious Taliban rule, Dyana wrote Nelofer a haunting letter that ended, “you will have to live for both of us now”. Fearing the worst, in 2002 after the fall of the Taliban government, Nelofer searches for her lost friend. Landing in Kabul 13 years after her family left Russian-occupied Afghanistan, Nelofer unravels her past and the history...

Only a Mass Movement Can Make Biden Deliver on Promises – Branco Marcetic

Will Joe Biden cast aside decades of conservative political wisdom and lead us to an FDR style presidency he's talked about, or is this another case of Biden telling voters exactly what he thinks they want to hear? Branco Marcetic author of 'Yesterday's Man: The Case Against Joe Biden', joins Paul Jay on podcast.

The Doomsday Machine Still Exists – Daniel Ellsberg

Pentagon Papers whistle blower Daniel Ellsberg tells Paul Jay of "theAnalysis", that the danger of nuclear war is as present today as during the Cold War. He says seeking profit in spite of the risk of nuclear winter is "institutional madness".

Pollin: Nationalize Fossil Fuels and Create Public Banks

The collapse of oil prices is an opportunity for a public takeover of the fossil fuel industry and replace it with sustainable energy. As the depression deepens, it is also the time for large publicly owned banks to weaken the economic and political power of finance. Economist Robert Pollin joins Paul Jay on podcast

Biden’s Climate Plan Won’t Prevent Catastrophe – Dayton Martindale

While Biden's latest climate plan is much improved, it's far short of what scientists say is needed. Biden's aggressive rhetoric will not help build a joint climate plan with China, a crucial step for any global plan to succeed. Dayton Martindale joins Paul Jay on podcast.

What if Trump Won’t Go? – Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

Larry Wilkerson is part of three working groups that are concerned that there will not be free and fair elections or a peaceful and constitutional transition of power; Wilkerson and Jay have a wide ranging discussion on what might happen if Trump won't go, on podcast.

Risking the Apocalypse for Dollars – Paul Jay

U.S. nuclear war strategy is driven by an arms industry that's willing to risk the end of life on earth to maximize return on their investment. The manufacturers of nuclear weapons are now primarily owned by Blackrock and other institutional investors who profit from a renewed nuclear arms race. Paul Jay is the guest on "Law and Disorder" hosted by Michael Smith.

A Warning of a Neocon Conspiracy – The Last Interview of Ambassador Joe Wilson pt1/6

: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 26:19 — 25.0MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | iHeartRadio | Email | Deezer | RSS | More On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay: In the last interview before his death in September 2019, Ambassador Joe Wilson says that a neo-con conspiracy will use a compliant Trump in a march towards war – Watch out for a "war-time" President in 2020. Wilson's wife Valerie Plame was outed as a CIA officer by...

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