Venezuela’s Opposition Split Over Election Boycott

Temir Porras, a former advisor to Venezuelan Presidents Chavez and Maduro, argues that the opposition's division over boycotting the upcoming parliamentary election could end up marginalizing the extreme-right opposition faction and thus lead to a normalization of politics in Venezuela. Hosted by...

Canada: The Throne Speech Must Include Imposing a Wealth Tax

The speech from the throne is only weeks away. Moments like these — pandemics, depressions, wars — are historical turning points, often marking a time period when fundamental change toward social and economic equality become possible. By Bruce Campbell.

Demagogues: From McCarthy to Trump

Joe McCarthy's anti-communist campaign was aimed at destroying progressive unions and the American left. McCarthyism is the model for Trumpism. Larry Tye, the author of "Demagogue', joins Paul Jay on...

Bolivia: Barricades and Crisis in a Crisis

After three postponed elections, a date is finally set after pressure from protests across the country. Why did Evo step down? How did the conditions for the coup develop? Carlos Orias and Tony...

Restructure Capitalism or Fascism Will Grow

Prabhat Patnaik reflects on the COVID-19 shock that has worsened the crisis triggered by globalized finance. Only two possibilities emerge: restructure capitalism by controlling finance, or let the...

Looking Back at Today’s Uprising

In this essay by Ron Ridenour, he tells the story of his decades long experience as an activist, and reflects on the critical issues facing the people's movement, then and now.

Naomi Klein on Juice Media Podcast

Naomi Klein on the lessons we're learning during this historic period, Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign, and why the liberals are going to get us all killed. On the Juice Media podcast.

Risking the Apocalypse for Dollars – Paul Jay

U.S. nuclear war strategy is driven by an arms industry that's willing to risk the end of life on earth to maximize return on their investment. The manufacturers of nuclear weapons are now primarily...

Community Control Vs. Defunding the Police

Max Rameau and Netfa Freeman argue that defunding the police could lead to more private police forces protecting private property, with even less accountability to the public. They say Community...

Does Public Banking Work? – Ellen Brown

With the power of the financial sector overwhelming politics and the economy, are publicly owned banks the answer? Ellen Brown joins Paul Jay on podcast.

Will Unions Respond to the Pandemic Moment?

Trade unions have the potential to play a pivotal role in developing a more significant mass movement - but will they? Clare Hammonds and Cedric Johnson join Paul Jay on podcast

The Promise of the Moment – Adrienne Dixson

People in the streets and at home are talking about the intersection of race, class, and gender in a more substantive way and how the Democratic Party tries to hijack movements. Adrienne Dixson on...

Canada Lost UN Vote – Some Canadians Cheered

Canada lost to Norway in its bid to win a seat on the UN Security Council. Many Canadians had signed a petition calling for just that - saying Canada did not deserve the seat. Yves Engler joins Paul...

Revolutionary Youth Movement Shakes Iraq

The massive movement of young workers and students in the streets not only demands an end to corruption but for the end of the regime itself, with a new constitution and governing structure. Sabah...

The EURO Arrangement Is Faulty

Heiner Flassbeck shows it defies macroeconomic logic to promote surpluses for Germany, prohibit government deficits everywhere else and forbid the central bank from acting as the central bank of each...

Sometimes Denial is Comforting – Rob Johnson

If Biden wins and doesn’t take on the deep structural changes that are needed, he will prepare the waters for the next Trump or worse. Rob Johnson on podcast with Paul Jay

Covid-19: What Is To Be Done?

According to Prof Jayati Ghosh, this is the greatest crisis experienced by the capitalist system; she lays out the direction of policy responses commensurate to what is needed.

Is Voting for Biden the Lesser Evil?

(Actvism based in Munich Germany produced this video) In this interview with journalist, award-winning filmmaker and the founder of Paul Jay, we debate and discuss whether voting for...

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