Modest Inflation is Good for Workers – Bob Pollin

Will a large infrastructure plan create inflation? If inflation is linked to higher wages, that's not bad for workers, says Pollin. Large increases in inflation have been linked to higher oil prices which are unlikely. What's missing from the Biden plan is it doesn't sufficiently address a just transition for fossil fuel workers. Bob Pollin joins with Paul Jay.

Return to Kandahar – a film by Paul Jay and Nelofer Pazira

A film by Paul Jay and Nelofer Pazira (2002) Nelofer Pazira, returns from Canada to Afghanistan to seek out her childhood friend Dyana. While living under vicious Taliban rule, Dyana wrote Nelofer a haunting letter that ended, “you will have to live for both of us now”. Fearing the worst, in 2002 after the fall of the Taliban government, Nelofer searches for her lost friend. Landing in Kabul 13 years after her family left Russian-occupied Afghanistan, Nelofer unravels her past and the history...

Gerald Horne on the Chauvin Verdict

The mass protests forced global media attention and sufficient state resources supplied to the prosecution; this may not be replicable. Chauvin may have been a bad apple, but the police barrel of apples is deliberately stocked with such rot. Gerald Horne joins Paul Jay on

Haiti: Canada & U.S. Support Coups and Dictators

In Haiti, President Moise refused to leave when his term was over, and hundreds of thousands have protested in the streets demanding his resignation. Canada and the U.S. have supported dictators and coups in Haiti for decades. Joining Paul is Jafrik Ayiti, an author, radio show host, public speaker, activist, artist; and Yves Engler, a Montreal-based activist, and author.

Biden’s Syria Deception: The Norwegian Connection

Contrary to the Biden administration's claim, it seems that the recent missile strike in Syria was not carried out in consultation with at least one of the US's main allies in the region: Norway. But why is Norway involved in the Middle East anyway? Greg Wilpert talks about the issue with Eirik Vold, a parliamentary advisor to Norway's Red Party.

Is Biden a Transformational President? Rightwinger David Brooks Thinks So

The corporate sector mostly supports the stimulus package as fears of inflation have subsided and it wants the economy to expand. Many of Biden's policies are very progressive and open a path for the left to fight to make them permanent. But have no illusions about the class character of the Biden administration or its foreign policy. Paul Heideman (Jacobin) and Paul Jay discuss what the left should do, on

Trump’s Treason and McConnell’s Mayhem – Paul Jay

(This video is based on the article released earlier.) Did Donald Trump attempt a military coup against the incoming Biden administration? Did Mitch McConnell, as majority leader of the Senate and the person who is ultimately responsible for the Capitol Hill Police, deliberately allow the protestors into the Capitol Buildings? Why is mainstream media so quiet about what's so obvious?

Ending the War on Yemen?

The Biden administration announced an end to US support for Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen. This is in larger part thanks to the constant activism and mobilization of peace groups around the US. Guest host Greg Wilpert talked to Hassan el Tayyab, the Legislative Manager for Middle East Policy of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, shortly before the announcement was made. He outlines the background of the war, the history of US support, what an end to US support would mean, and what...

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