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Trump & Neocons Want to Destroy Iranian Society – Trita Parsi

Trump and the neocons who run his foreign policy, want to use the pandemic to further their plan of ruining and weakening Iran; they hope to make Iran as dysfunctional, violent and chaotic as post war Iraq - Trita Parsi joins Paul Jay on podcast


The EURO Arrangement Is Faulty

Heiner Flassbeck shows it defies macroeconomic logic to promote surpluses for Germany, prohibit government deficits everywhere else and forbid the central bank from acting as the central bank of each and every EURO member.

Sometimes Denial is Comforting – Rob Johnson

If Biden wins and doesn’t take on the deep structural changes that are needed, he will prepare the waters for the next Trump or worse. Rob Johnson on podcast with Paul Jay

Covid-19: What Is To Be Done?

According to Prof Jayati Ghosh, this is the greatest crisis experienced by the capitalist system; she lays out the direction of policy responses commensurate to what is needed.

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