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Bolivia: Bloqueos y una crisis sobre otra

Paul Jay Hola! Soy Paul Jay y bienvenidos al podcast de Este episodio se produce en colaboración con Other News. Other News es una plataforma de prensa internacional que difunde análisis, ideas e información sobre temas globales en inglés, español e italiano. Puede encontrarla en...

Return to Kandahar – a film by Paul Jay and Nelofer Pazira

A film by Paul Jay and Nelofer Pazira (2002) Nelofer Pazira, returns from Canada to Afghanistan to seek out her childhood friend Dyana. While living under vicious Taliban rule, Dyana wrote Nelofer a haunting letter that ended, “you will have to live for both of us now”. Fearing the worst, in 2002...

Populism is Not a Dirty Word – Thomas Frank 3 Part Series

Corporate Democrats despise the left-wing of the party and see all populism as 'deplorables'. If they continue to do so, they will create another Trump. Thomas Frank discusses his new book 'The People, No', on podcast with Paul Jay.

Looking Back at Today’s Uprising

In this essay by Ron Ridenour, he tells the story of his decades long experience as an activist, and reflects on the critical issues facing the people's movement, then and now.

The EURO Arrangement Is Faulty

Heiner Flassbeck shows it defies macroeconomic logic to promote surpluses for Germany, prohibit government deficits everywhere else and forbid the central bank from acting as the central bank of each and every EURO member.