A Warning of a Neocon Conspiracy – The Last Interview of Ambassador Joe Wilson pt1/6

On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay:

In the last interview before his death in September 2019, Ambassador Joe Wilson says that a neocon conspiracy will use a compliant Trump in a march towards war – Watch out for a “war-time” President in 2020.

Wilson’s wife Valerie Plame was outed as a CIA officer by VP Cheney’s office after Wison exposed lies that lead up to the Iraq War. The story was depicted in the movie “Fair Game”, Wilson was played by Sean Penn. PT (01/06)

Transcript available on request


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  • May he rest in peace. However I find his comment about “there were no voices” opposing the Iraq war very disingenuous inside or outside government with no one of “any standing”. So what, the people that elect these officials to represent them have “no standing”. So then what’s the point of elections, if the elected officials ignore the will of the people. The US and UK were warned, the people were unequivocal about not wanting bombs dropped on Iraq, but Blair and Bush did it anyway. So they did not represent the people and they are in fact war criminals who should in fact be doing bird.

  • It’s very difficult to play & I’ve a super speed connection Paul! I do believe the jig is up and they don’t want this heard! So far, extremely revealing video that if it got more play it’d bring the house!