Catching the Next Cosmic Wave – The Last Interview of Ambassador Joe Wilson pt6/6

On Reality Asserts Itself, with Paul Jay:

Amb. Joe Wilson reflects on his coming death and challenges us to face up to the difficult fight ahead.

Wilson’s wife Valerie Plame was outed as a CIA officer by VP Cheney’s office after Wison exposed lies that lead up to the Iraq War. The story was depicted in the movie “Fair Game”, Wilson was played by Sean Penn. Joe Wilson died Sept. 2019 PT (06/06)

Transcript available on request

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  • Kudos to Paul Jay for his thoughtful initiative and awareness to not only conceive of and conduct the interview, but to provide it to the furthering of an informed public.
    The serial debasement of Ambassador Joe Wilson, not to mention the criminal betrayal of his wife Valerie Plame, in response to his factually exposing the lies and distortions being used to promote an illegal military invasion of another sovereign nation, very much needs to be a part of the historical knowledge of every U.S. citizen.
    I find myself wondering why no U.S. investigative journalist ………?
    As Usual,