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  1. A truly valuable set of observations, particularly from the viewpoint of a convinced, lifelong Imperialist. Ambassador Wilson was clearly speaking truth as he saw it, very much as Paul M. A. Linebarger had done with JFK. aw

  2. Re: Paul Jay

    Thank you for providing your extraordinary, and timely, discussion with Joe Wilson; his wisdom and integrity provide a stark contrast to far too many of our current representatives, elected or appointed.

    While the succinct “Doomsday Machine…” audio/video version of the interview with Daniel Ellsberg does begin to address the premise of your query, “How much does the whole system of profit making, driving all of this?”, the written transcription provided is a tough read.
    The works of the late Chalmers Johnson, author of the three books of his Blowback Trilogy and “Dismantling the Empire”, provide valuable factual information to any discussion of the financial motives driving every element of the MIC.
    As Usual,

  3. Plenty of information and statements from military contractors support the conclusion that profits are a prime motivator. As your previous article shows the big banks are in control and make huge profits from all of this.

    Nevertheless, if we are ever able to implement the Green New Deal, it will provide a popular base for displacing the military based economy.

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