Honest Government Ad | TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸

Juice Media hits again with this savage satire on Trump’s policies that have led to the deaths of tens of thousands.


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  1. Feigning Mad Ave. hucksterism satirically to illustrate political perfidy. Rings with the lies and misrepresentation of the right wing. Thanks.

  2. I would share this effective satire on Facebook if the obscenities and profanities were not present. Do you really feel that they are necessary? I think they mar the presentation.

  3. Ahhh, but it’s disappointing that Juice’s biting sarcasm is only directed at the Trump administration here. Members of Congress of both parties are complicit! None of them give a damn (and that applies to sheepdog Bernie, too!) about the American people today. They want us dead if we aren’t generating sufficient profits for them. When are We the People going to wake up and understand this? We truly do deserve the government we get.

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