CIA Stories: The CIA is Born

Abby Martin introduces the first installment of a new Empire Files series about the CIA explaining why the agency was created, and how it became the most nefarious criminal organization in the world, with CIA expert Douglas Valentine.


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  1. Outstanding chapter in such important series. Abby, your are always heading for higher and higher quality! Congratulations!

  2. Out of no fondness for Harry S. Truman, I would add that, reportedly, he regretted that the C.I.A. had an operational role. My sparse reading on this subject tells me that he wanted the agency confined to intelligence gathering, because he understood that it would get out of hand – as it has – and become part of a secret (and constitutionally unconstrained) government. The victory of Mao Zedong over the highly corrupt Nationalists in 1949 made any effort to limit the C.I.A. thereafter politically impossible. The Dulles brothers are said to have played a major role in the birth of the C.I.A. as a two-headed monster.

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