Donald Trump and the (Non) Prosecution of Presidential Crimes

In part two of this three-part series, Paul Jay speaks about the grave war crimes committed by numerous U.S. presidents, which have gone largely unpunished. The current corporate political class is hyper-focused on President Donald J. Trump’s unlawful behavior as if it constitutes an anomaly in the historical trajectory of presidential crimes. Despite this double standard, Trump should not be exempt from judicial scrutiny and prosecution.


Talia Baroncelli

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Joining me now is Paul Jay for part two of our three-part conversation. Let’s speak about the prosecution of former President Donald J. Trump. Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, has indicted Trump for 34 different violations of New York state law. He alleges that these misdemeanours are, in fact, felonies as they were committed to cover up an additional crime. In this case, the second crime would be violating federal campaign laws. So this is quite controversial, but some are arguing that this prosecution is far too political and that the case is actually quite weak against Trump. So what do you make of this prosecution?

Paul Jay

I personally enjoy it and think it’s good, mostly good, with some reservations. Good for the people when all these oligarchs fight each other. So I’m pleased as punch to see Trump prosecuted, assuming he did these things, and it seems like he did. A grand jury thought he did. I’m happy to see him prosecuted for his role on January 6. I’m happy to see him prosecuted for holding on to confidential documents. I’m also pleased as punch if they prosecute Hunter Biden if it turns out he did something corrupt. For that matter, if President Biden is involved, well, fine. The fighting among these oligarchs and wealthy people who are corrupt up to their eyeballs is fine with me as long as there is something about the integrity of the American institutions and legal system which is of value.

Now, if you’re poor and Black in Baltimore or much of America, you don’t actually have much access to institutions that have any integrity or justice. In fact, there was a DOJ report on the Baltimore Police Department just a few years ago, near the end of the Obama administration, which said that the constitutional rights of Black people of Baltimore are violated every single day by the Baltimore police. So when I say the institutions, to some extent, do function, and to some extent, it’s a good thing, it doesn’t mean that most people have access to that justice because it mostly depends on how much lawyering you can afford. But that doesn’t mean it’s worthless.

I think I said in a previous interview we did that there is something to preventing one small section of the oligarchs of Capitol from seizing direct control of the state and exercising a straight dictatorship, especially if that section believes in Christian theocracy. But it would be as bad if it was a Cheney-esque Patriot Act believing in Americanism. That could be another form of dictatorship. But on the whole, I’m fine. Go prosecute Trump and unravel this, but unravel it all the way. Meaning unravelling it back to what led up to January 6, which is far more important than what happened on January 6. People can go watch my reports. But the short of it is ten former Secretaries of Defense, the former Supreme Commander of NATO, and the editorial board of the Financial Times all thought on January 4 a coup was in progress. It’s clear that the coup were people like Michael Flynn and, within the military, Christian nationalists.

Now, they were able to put that down before January 6 because it seems too obvious. The plan was to create a shit show on January 6. A section of the military could intervene, declare martial law, stop Biden from becoming President, and call a new election or whatever. It didn’t work. By January 6, it had all fallen apart. The person that should be investigated here is Mitch McConnell because when the Chief of Police of the Capitol Hill Police asked the Sergeant of Arms of the Senate to bring in the National Guard the morning of the 6, he said, “Well, I got to go ask my boss, Mitch McConnell.” We know who his boss is because the Sergeant of Arms reports to the majority leader, and that was McConnell. Well, they never got back to the Capitol Hill chief, and they didn’t call in the National Guard. So at that point, they wanted a shit fest. I’ve always speculated it’s because McConnell thought it would be such a disaster for Trump. He could finally rid the party of Trump. How did that work out for you, Mitch?

But let’s be clear, whatever Trump did, even January 6, and the lead up to, even an attempted coup, pales in comparison to the war crimes of President Bush and Vice President Cheney, and then by implication, Obama for not prosecuting them.

So one, yeah, go ahead, prosecute Trump. I’m all for it. The more you guys fight, the better. When these guys fight each other, sometimes some truths come out of it. A leak or fall out of the legal case. There’s some interesting case coming out of the way Dominion voting machines suing Fox. I mean, the hypocrisy of the Fox host. If it wasn’t for that lawsuit, we wouldn’t know. But all that being said, we need to make as much as we can. People shouldn’t have illusions that this has anything to do with justice, democracy, and all of this. But yeah, I’m all for prosecuting Trump. He’s done worse things than what he’s being prosecuted for in New York. He is a danger, personally. He is. Because of the way the Christian Nationalist movement and much of the 75 million people that voted for him believe in a metaphysical vision about him, that, yes, he’s imperfect. Even if he did what you say he did with Stormy Daniels, even if he was unfaithful to his wife, even if he’s this and he’s that. Yeah, he’s a narcissist, and so on. They believe that God’s vehicles are imperfect because we all are imperfect. God does things in mysterious ways.

So the individual figure of Trump as a person who can galvanize millions of people in spite of what they know about him, it’s a real issue. I understand why it is of some benefit to the people to tie him up so much in legal cases that he can’t, at the very least, effectively run for President because I think the danger of a Trump-led, out-and-out Christian theocracy is very real. People that diminish that threat, I think, are wrong. I don’t think it’s deliberate, but they’re actually facilitating it in some ways by focusing on the crimes of Biden and the Democratic Party, which are many and need to be talked about. I don’t agree with soft-selling the corporate Democrats and the role they’ve played in facilitating or toiling the soil for the growth of this movement, this far-right movement.

If the corporate Democrats had actually given a shit about working people in states that didn’t vote Democrat, we, in all likelihood, wouldn’t even be seeing this. If Biden had actually been the guy of the modern New Deal, which he claimed he was going to be. If he really did something for working people and didn’t demonize working people in all these states that believe in or have been persuaded by this far-right ideology and done more– you want an investment. They could have invested serious money in the public education systems of all these states.

I’ve said this before, but I think it’s an interesting story. My kids were going to school in Baltimore, and they were asked in grade one and pre-K, they were supposed to stand up for the American National Anthem. I went to the teacher. I told the kids, you don’t have to. I explained that this flag that they want you to stand up for, well, there are untold crimes that have been committed in the name of this flag all around the world. It’s your choice, but I wouldn’t stand up for it. But I went to the teacher in Baltimore, and then when we moved to New York for a little while, the same thing in a New York school. I said to both teachers; I said, “I’ve told my kids they have a choice to stand up for this National Anthem and salute the flag with their hand on their heart, which is fascist to my mind. I said you don’t have to do it.” Both teachers said to me, “Oh, I’m so happy to hear you say that. When the announcement goes on, I don’t tell the kids to listen to the announcement. The announcement says stand up, so a lot of kids stand up. I don’t make anybody stand up.” Anyway, both teachers, one in Baltimore and one in an elementary school in New York.

Well, in much of the United States, I think, I can’t prove it, but from what I read, if a teacher did that, they’d be fired. There’s no way in much of Texas, and name the state, Florida now, especially, and other states. If a teacher said, it’s okay not to salute the flag and believe in Americanism, how long would you keep your job? If the Obama administration and then the Biden administration had invested in a public education system and paid teachers properly– of course, it’s done through the states, but there are lots of ways federal money can direct and influence this– and created a curriculum where people actually learned some science, including climate science, and didn’t promote crazy religious toxic nationalism, maybe we wouldn’t be seeing this movement at the scale it is. I mean, this movement has been there since slavery. This is essentially a movement rooted in the ideas and ideology of slave owners that believed white Christians were chosen by God to rule. Now the millionaires and multibillionaires believe they’ve been chosen by God to rule.

I mean, on Steve Bannon, in one speech he made to some multimillionaires at the Vatican, he came in by Zoom to a meeting there. He said it explicitly. “You’ve been chosen by God to be multimillionaires, and you have a responsibility to God to support the struggle, which will be a bloody struggle,” that’s quoting him, “against Islamism and Chinese Atheistic communism.” Now they’re far more focused on China than anything.

So yeah, put him in jail. What was his line about Hillary? Lock her up. Yeah, lock her up. I’m all right. Hillary Clinton committed plenty of crimes. Hacking the Democratic National Committee, lock her up. But lock Trump up. But let’s start with locking Cheney and Bush up, and others. But it isn’t going to happen. Let’s just not buy into the delusions that most of the media promote.

Talia Baroncelli

Yeah, Jeremy Scahill from The Intercept, a few days ago he wrote an article on exactly what you’re saying; how Nancy Pelosi decided not to impeach George W. Bush on those war crimes that were committed, but I think even more specifically on the torture that was committed under their watch all across the world. And so, yeah, it does seem like there is a very selective judicial system in place. That’s not to say that they shouldn’t go after him.

I think the issue that I have is that if it backfires, this could have huge political consequences because if the case isn’t that strong, then it does really look like a political prosecution of Trump, and that could play into more support for him from his base. But I don’t really know what to say because Alvin Bragg’s case, on the face of it, it looks pretty solid. But if the federal prosecutor is before him, like Cyrus Vance, for example, they refused to prosecute Trump according to federal election law because they thought it just wouldn’t work. So I really do wonder if Alvin Bragg has anything up his sleeve with maybe with New York state law, even with the taxation and election law in the state. If so, maybe you can get Trump that way. If you can’t, then it’s, I think, a political disaster.

Paul Jay

Well, I don’t think it’s a political disaster. I think it doesn’t matter whether the case is weak or strong. The Trump base is going to believe it’s politically motivated. It doesn’t matter. There are lots of other, in theory, charges coming down the pipe, which are apparently more significant. They will all be considered by Trump supporters as politically motivated. To some extent, they probably are politically motivated because what isn’t at this stage of things? But so what? Like I say, let them go at it. Let them all rip each other’s throats out.

Let’s just be clear when we’re talking to people that we don’t fall into the Trump is the devil argument any more than Trump is God’s vehicle argument. He’s neither. He’s part of a very corrupt system that has its roots. This is the most important thing we need to say, which no one ever says, maybe ever on mainstream media. This is about how stuff is owned. It’s about who owns stuff and the power that comes from that ownership. It’s about the concentration of monopoly ownership, particularly in the financial sector that now owns the entire stock exchange, essentially. What I mean by that is that big asset management companies like BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street, and others, they essentially own a controlling interest in terms of shares they can get to vote for virtually every company on the stock exchange. The concentration of power in the financial sector that’s the underlying root of this. The amount of corruption that surrounds that.

Remember the subprime mortgage? These banks couldn’t find the mortgage documents and hired companies to have automatic signatures on phony mortgage papers to then go to court to foreclose on people. Complete fraud. Who went to jail for that? The power of the financial sector is such that nobody holds them accountable. So sure, hold Trump accountable. Let’s hold Hunter accountable. But how about we hold the real lords of finance accountable? That’s the underlying problem that breeds such corruption. Trump is just a sub, a little subset of that. His wheeling and dealing in real estate in New York. It’s all within this culture of corruption in the financial sector.

When we talk to people about this, I don’t get into the weeds on whether this case against Trump is good or bad or whether it’s going to succeed or not succeed. I have no idea. I don’t think it’s any great tragedy, electorally. I don’t think anybody who, because of that case, is going to start voting for Trump, that wasn’t going to vote for him anyway. If he gets in enough legal jeopardy with all these cases, and it’s starting to look that way, maybe the far-right donors who made Trump possible, the Mercers, and there’s a whole list of them. The Koch brothers didn’t love Trump, but eventually, they certainly supported Pence and a lot of the other far-right stuff. If the far-right donors decide they’ve had enough of this guy, which it sounds that way, they may bury him in a way that he maybe even legally can’t run. Maybe in some of these cases, some of the outcome might be he won’t be allowed to run. I don’t know.

I know one thing is that the majority of the corporate elites didn’t want Trump anymore. The evidence for that is another thing I reported on in my January 6 pieces that YouTube kept taking down. But it’s a point that was in the press and then disappeared. The doors of Capitol Hill are stormed at 2:10 PM in the afternoon on January 6. At 3:10 PM in the afternoon, the Association of American American Manufacturers issue a press release calling on Vice President Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump from office.

Now, this is the corporate lobbying group that was probably the largest, most important supporter of Trump for four years. They got everything they wanted on their bucket list in terms of deregulation and lowering of taxes. They loved his policies, but they thought he lost his mind. Not to have a peaceful transition of power to Biden, who the corporate powers knew they could live with, even if there were some policies they didn’t like, to have, essentially, a coup would be bad for business. So they called for his overthrow on January 6. So the majority of elites don’t want him back. They want him buried. They want Trump without Trump. They want the policies. They don’t want the madman. We’ll see how it goes.

There was a time when the German oligarchs decided Hitler was uncontrollable, even though they brought him to power. There was a point, I think, it was in 1931, ’32, when the Nazi Party was bankrupt. They went to the Krupps and some others, and they came in and rescued them financially and really made the rise of Hitler possible. There are quite a few far-right billionaires out there who aren’t on the same page as the financial sector, who seem like they really believe in Christian theocracy and the God-given mission, their God-given mission. They have a lot of money. The system is very irrational. The institutions are very contradictory. Even in the FBI, apparently, there’s a lot of support for Christian nationalism. Certainly, in all the local police forces, Trump has a lot of support.

People who study this, like Mikey Weinstein, he thinks as much as 30% of the military could be Christian nationalists. Christian nationalists are actively recruiting in the military, using Chaplains. I’m told that perhaps a majority of Chaplains now in the army are Christian nationalists. The other thing that just doesn’t get talked about is Opus Dei, the far-right of the Catholic Church, who is trying to overthrow Pope Francis. Steve Bannon is connected to Opus Dei.

I interviewed Joe Wilson a couple of months before he died. He was the American Ambassador. He’s the guy who discovered the yellowcake in Niger was bullshit. He is the husband of Valerie Plame, who was outed by these neocons when she was in the CIA. He thought at least half the Supreme Court was directly Opus Dei and much of the congressional leadership, Opus Dei. Then there’s something called the Family, which are Christian nationalists, which has hosted every presidential breakfast since Eisenhower until very recently. Apparently, now, the last one, they’re going to change that they don’t direct, the Christian nationalists don’t host the presidential breakfast.

So this issue of Christian nationalism is a really serious issue that needs to be addressed. It’s a complicated fight because sections of the financial sector, which are venal, neoliberal predators, don’t like Christian nationalists. So it’s an interesting, weird contradiction for ordinary, for working people and others, the progressives. The Biden corporate types, which are connected to this financial sector, do, I think, want to stop Christian nationalists from coming and establishing a Handmaid’s Tale Christian nationalist dictatorship. So it’s a good thing to stop them.

On the other hand, we can’t create illusions about the corporate Democrats in the financial sector. We need to organize an independent people’s movement within what’s possible when you’re living in the heartland of such wealth of imperialism. You can see how, in the pandemic, how much money they can throw at people when they need to. So it’s a complicated situation. The best we can do right now is tell the whole truth of the situation.

Talia Baroncelli

With regards to the prosecution of Trump, you’re saying we shouldn’t take oligarchic sides, but you were at one point advocating that we vote or that Americans vote for Biden over Trump. So what would you say to that now?

Paul Jay

I’d say the same thing now. I think, as I said at the time, we have to tell people the whole truth as we know it. I thought and still think that as dangerous as the Biden foreign policy is on Ukraine and the provocations on Taiwan, and again, just to remind everybody, this is not in any way to excuse the Russian invasion. They are the primary villain of the piece, but it’s within the context of a world managed by another villain of the piece, which is the American oligarchs and so on. This is where it gets a bit complicated. But while it’s possible, not for sure, that a Trump administration maybe wouldn’t have been quite as provocative over Ukraine as Biden was, I don’t think that the reason Russia invaded was because of American provocation. I think, in fact, the blame on the Biden administration is more since the invasion of stoking it and not pushing to end it. From what I can see of arms sales, American arms sales to Ukraine were not significantly higher until after the invasion. In the year leading up to the invasion, there was an increase. But actually, the President who started sending lethal aid to Ukraine was Trump, and Obama had been against it. Obama had sent aid, but he said no lethal aid. Then Trump did send lethal aid, although he screwed around with it, trying to blackmail or pressure Zelenskyy to give information on Hunter Biden. But in fact, it was Trump that sent the lethal aid. I doubt very much that Trump would have bucked the arms manufacturers and the whole state. But whatever, let’s say maybe Trump may have been slightly more mitigated on the invasion.

The reason he might have been is that he’s a Christian nationalist and certainly supported by Christian nationalists, and they see Putin as a Christian nationalist. There’s a section of the far-right, even in Congress, who don’t want so much aid going to Ukraine and would like to dial back the tension with Russia. I think it’s because, as I say, they’re Christian nationalists. They see Putin as a great defender of white Christians in Russia. In a weird way, there might be a little positive in that if they put some pressure on the Biden administration not to be so gung ho about the war.

But, and this is a big but, what the Christian nationalists are focused on, and again, to quote Steve Bannon, “is a bloody struggle with China.” They are not peaceniks. Just because they may not be quite as aggressive towards the Putin administration, which is a mixed blessing for sure, because they may actually support some of Putin’s, what some people call, imperial ambitions if he’s spreading the white Christian culture that they like, but they’re very dangerous on Taiwan and China. You can see right now the speaker of the House was just meeting with the President of Taiwan. The language from the far-right on China is even more aggressive than Biden’s. Biden’s language and actions have been far more aggressive than he’s certainly promised in the election campaign. But a lot of his doing it is because he doesn’t want to be accused of being weak on China, weak on communism. I think they’re a bit caught because I think in terms of corporate interests that the Democrats represent, the Apples of this world and the finance sector– like BlackRock increased its investments in China, created a big index fund on the Chinese stock exchange. A lot of the corporate masters in the Democratic Party don’t want it to get so heated with China. But electorally, Biden is afraid of this looking weak on China stuff, so he keeps up the pressure.

The issue of the elections is what’s more dangerous in terms of having to decide in the election? The position I took at the last election, I would take again, if the election was today and Trump was the candidate, DeSantis, or somebody else of that mould, even Pence. Tell the truth about the corporate Democrats. Don’t create illusions about what Biden is. I don’t agree with Bernie Sanders, even though some of the legislation that they’ve been able to pass domestically. I saw him on TV the other day on one of the late-night talk shows, and he went on about Biden’s achievements. If I was a Senator, maybe I’d do the same thing. He plays that inside electoral game. But he did say at one point the problem in the United States is the American oligarchs, and you can’t not talk about Biden’s role in supporting that system of American oligarchy. So I advocate telling the truth, but part of that truth is Christian nationalism, and Christian theocracy is even more dangerous. Look at what’s going on in Florida. The legislation DeSantis is passing to restrict not just women’s reproductive rights but education, anti-science and anti-climate. This is what a Christian theocracy will look like, and worse. We are talking about a real theocratic dictatorship.

The corporate Dems, one, the finance sector, aren’t, on the whole, Christian nationalists. They don’t want that far-right culture themselves. A lot of them live in New York, and their kids go to school there, and their wives work and live there. They don’t buy into these Christian far-right social values, although they see no contradiction in being so predatory. But still, they do want to push back. For working people, ordinary people, there is a real immediate threat. I told you the example before about the DOJ investigation of the Baltimore Police Force, which found that every single day the police violated their rights. There was an agreement between the police and the Department of Justice about things they had to do to reform. I don’t know if it worked or not. But when Trump was elected, he got rid of all of that. All these consent decrees and things where they were trying to mitigate the violence, not eliminate it, because, again, the finance sector, and corporate Dems, they want a certain amount of violence from the police against poor people, especially poor people of color because they don’t want to change a system where they get so much cheap labor out of these places. One of the driving things behind all these institutions in Baltimore is they have access to such cheap labor through the poor Black working class.

There are no good guys when you’re talking about the oligarchy, but it doesn’t mean you don’t and shouldn’t make choices tactically or strategically. For example, if there was somebody running for Senator who was a right-wing libertarian anti-interventionist, including China, that didn’t want to provoke war, I might support that person over some corporate Democrat. Now, I probably would choose a progressive Dem who also was antiwar, but if it was a choice between a corporate Dem and a legitimately, and as far as I know, I would say Ron Paul; I don’t know about Rand Paul, but Ron Paul seems like a fairly consistent anti-interventionist. I might support that person over a corporate Democrat.

Talia Baroncelli

But he has all sorts of ties to corporations as well, right?

Paul Jay

Oh, yeah. None of them are good guys. This isn’t a morality play. This is a straight tactical decision on how to avoid war and how to avoid a full-out Christian dictatorship. Of course, the most important thing is to try to elect progressives who are both antiwar and anti-corporate. And that’s a whole other argument. At the moment, I think in most elections, it has to be done through the Democratic Party and primaries. But anyway, that’s a separate argument.

In terms of the overall scheme of things, right now, the Democratic Party is pursuing a very dangerous path in Ukraine, but they seem like they will contain it short of nuclear war. Meaning, for example, and this is where Hillary Clinton is out of her mind, the no-fly zone. At least Biden said no to a no-fly zone. He seemed to slow down the issue on the tanks. He seems to want to contain this in a way that the Ukrainians don’t lose, but they don’t have a complete all-out humiliating Putin defeat, although maybe he wouldn’t mind a slower one if it implodes on the Russian side. But I don’t think Biden would take things as provocatively over a line with China, even though, rhetorically, he’s coming very close.

Tesla just opened up a big battery factory in Shanghai. Big investment. They already have a big Tesla manufacturing plant. Apple announced, even though they’re pushing more manufacturing into India, they also announced the big expansion of Apple products being made in China. I think I may have mentioned this before, BlackRock just expanded their investment into Chinese asset management and stock exchange. So the American ruling elites don’t want to get into some real conflict with China, and it’s not part of their ideology to do so. It is in their interest both to stoke arms sales to Taiwan because Taiwan has a lot of money. So when they sell arms to Taiwan, it’s not like some other places. They’re actually getting paid for them by Taiwan. They’re not just giving them. The geopolitical interest in defending Taiwan is at the core of American foreign policy, going back to right after World War II.

In fact, Eisenhower, this is part of the film I’m doing with Ellsberg; we have some of the documents for this. Eisenhower authorized the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1958. If they couldn’t hold Taiwan through conventional power, he authorized them to use nuclear weapons against China in 1958. It was up to them. He said, “I’m authorizing it. If you need them, use them.” There are actually minutes of a meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which Ellsberg has. “Why?” And one of the Joint Chiefs says it. It’s the craziest conversation in the minutes of this meeting. One of the Generals says, “Eisenhower has authorized the use of nuclear weapons if we can’t defend this place with conventional.” Another General says, “Why?” The first one says, “Because our prestige and the perception of our power in Asia will be so diminished if we have to give up on Taiwan.” Another General says, “Well, what if the Russians retaliate?” He says, “Well, probably.” “They’ll probably nuke Taiwan.” The guy says, “Yeah, probably.” “Well, then we’re going to have to respond to that.” The guy says, “Yeah.” “Well, isn’t that nuclear war? All-out nuclear war.” The guy says, “Well, it might be, but the alternative is worse.” Losing prestige and authority in Asia is worse than a nuclear war, which goes back to this issue of how Kennedy wanted to avoid humiliation, risking nuclear war by blockading Cuba. The risk of losing in his election by being humiliated, and nuclear war was going to be not as bad. So this is crazy, crazy shit. This is also built into the mindset of Democratic Party cold warriors and neocons, many of them who are anti-Trump, and merged with the Democratic Party, like Bill Kristol and others.

All that said, there’s no imminent threat of China invading Taiwan. If the Americans would shut the eff up about it and stop provoking, but they don’t want to look weak on China. So Pelosi goes, and even Biden people felt and said it was stupid for her to go. The Trump camp is very, very anti-Chinese, and it’s part of their ideology and faith base that China is this atheistic monster, and it’s part of America’s destiny to go to war with it.

This American four-star General, Mike Minihan, head of Air Mobility Command with 50,000 service members and 500 planes under his control, said just recently, “We’re going to be at war with China in 2025.” He told his troops “to get your affairs in order.”  Meaning get your wills ready and get ready to fight to kill the enemy, he says. He actually says killing your enemy makes your life better. It will make you happier. He actually said this shit, and he didn’t get removed from his position.

Flynn’s brother is one of the more senior commanders. General Flynn, who worked with Trump on the coup, is one of the main commanders in the Pacific. So it’s a very complicated, dangerous situation. I don’t think corporate Dems, meaning the financial sector, which to a large extent, they represent. Two, they do care about the urban vote. It’s the only way they get elected. The urban vote is primarily antiwar, although it’s a little split on the Ukraine thing. Certainly, they don’t want a war with China. So I think it’s far less likely the Democrats will provoke things to the point that there’s an actual military conflict with China. If the Christian nationalists get involved, while their main objective is Christian nationalism in the United States, they might find a much more serious, even some fighting with China to help that process. Declare martial law because of war with China. Start rounding up anyone that speaks against Christian nationalism and the war with China. It’s a more dangerous situation. So yes, I would still say better the corporate Dems than Trumpists and the far-right, but better not the corporate Dems either.

It is better to organize, elect progressive, and defeat, maybe split the Democratic Party so that you get an actual progressive party that emerges. And especially get ready for when the financial house of cards calls the financial architecture, global architecture. When that house of cards falls, and likely it will, like it did in ’07 and ’08, but in all likelihood worse, and then tens and millions of people are unemployed, and then people are really angry and ready to do something, well, then we better be ready for it, because if we’re not, the far-right will be.

Talia Baroncelli

Well, it was great to speak about Christian nationalism with you and the prosecution of Trump. Thank you for watching If you’d like to donate to this show, you can go to and hit the donate button at the top right corner of the screen. Most importantly, please do sign up for our newsletter. That way, you’ll receive an email every time a new episode is released. You can also go to our YouTube channel, theAnalysis-news. Hit the subscribe button, hit the bell, and then click on all so that you’ll be notified every time an episode drops on YouTube. See you next time.

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