Lawrence Wilkerson

A Desperate Trump Will Do Desperate Things – Larry Wilkerson

Larry Wilkerson and Paul Jay discuss a possible rout of the GOP, and what a desperate Trump might do before the transfer of power. If Biden wins, massive pressure is needed to make him reduce deep income inequality, or a new authoritarian threat will emerge by 2024.

Steve Bannon Says War Begins on Nov. 3rd – a podcast with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

Steve Bannon says only in-person voting should be counted on Nov. 3rd, and there will be a "war" to "stop Biden from stealing" the election. Larry Wilkerson says Trump's forces are creating conditions for violence in the streets if he is defeated. AOC calls on people to get organized to defeat Trump as part of a larger battle for survival. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson joins Paul Jay on podcast.