Richard Kozul-Wright

The “Fair Wage” Fiction – Richard Kozul-Wright (3/4)

The problem of inequality won't be solved simply by more education and training; inequality is hardwired into the rules of this hyper globalized world. The director of the Division on Globalization and Development Strategies at UNCTAD joins Paul Jay on podcast.

Look Back in Anger (at the 07/08 Crash) Richard Kozul-Wright (pt2/4)

In dealing with the Covid economic crisis, governments must not repeat the strategy of the last crisis, where the withdrawal of fiscal stimulus adversely impacted growth, the continuation of quantitative easing, and low-interest rates propelled asset prices ever higher. It led to a combination of high inequality, financial fragility, huge amounts of debt, and growing anxiety everywhere.

Avoiding Another Lost Decade – Richard Kozul-Wright (pt1/4)

If current trends continue, in 10 years' time wages will be back to the brink of the abyss level of 1930. If governments opt for premature fiscal tightening, the recovery will fizzle out by 2022, says Richard Kozul-Wright, the Director Division of Globalization and Development Strategies at UNCTAD.

Healthy people, a healthy planet and a healthy economy

Richard Kozul-Wright explains why these challenges need to be addressed at once in a transformative agenda. The COVID-19 crisis shows that funding can be made available; the problem is the lack of political will to confront the Wall Street consensus.