Leo was a treasured friend, a mentor, and a formidable fighter for humanity and socialist ideals. He saw the big picture with profound depth and took the time to teach our kids how to make paper airplanes and produce puppet shows. He leaves an unparalleled body of work and a gaping hole in hearts around the world. Some five weeks ago he was hospitalized and diagnosed with multiple myeloma. While in the hospital he contracted Covid-19 and this developed into viral pneumonia. This is a collection of interviews with Leo, who gave great encouragement to creating theAnalysis.news



  1. I’m saddened to read about Leo Panitch passing. I first saw Leo in a coffee shop in the mid-nineties and later learned that he was teaching in Political Science and was developing a graduate studies program called Political Economy. I applied to this program but got rejected. Over the years Leo would appear in alternative news sources from time to time and always present a fresh perspective on important topics. I had the pleasure of seeing Leo speak live in 2015 at an event discussing an upcoming European referendum. Leo was an excellent speaker and l felt I had gained something from his talk even being motivated to do further research into the pressing issues of our times. May he Rest In Peace.

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