Destroying 300-Year-Old Trees in Australia – Satire from Juice Media

Honest Government Ad | Djab Wurrung Trees

The Australien and Victorien Governments have made an ad about destroying 600 year old trees to build a highway, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative!


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  • I used to look forward to Paul Jay’s Reality Asserts Itself on The Real News. since the coup against Paul I no longer go to The RNN. I’m delighted that he has given us AnalysisNews. It is even more important as the right-wing loonies of Sinclair are launching a propaganda campaign to help Bozo-The- Clown stay in power.

  • I love your postings as a parody of Australian Government adds. I am going to plug into Juice Media and hope to see more. Thanks and good luck on your mission.