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Don’t Rely on Corporate Democrats to Fight the Right

Eric Blanc (Jacobin Magazine), fears a Corporate Democrat repeat of the 2000 elections when Gore refused to fight once the Supreme Court gave the election to Bush. He says a workers' movement is needed to push back the right and points to the recent teacher strikes as an example. On theAnalysis...

Trump Says Socialism is His Enemy – He’s Right

Meagan Day, a journalist for Jacobin Magazine and member of the DSA, joins Paul Jay to discuss the challenges in building a broad democratic front that focuses on the climate crisis and defeating rising fascism; and organizing a socialist movement for a more radical transformation of the society.

Populism is Not Mob Rule – Thomas Frank (1/3)

The liberal elites don't like real democracy and see mass movements as endangering their 'educated and wise leadership'. Populism and anti-populism has deep roots in American history. Thomas Frank ('What's the Matter with Kansas' and 'The People, No.'), joins Paul Jay on theAnalysis.news podcast.