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Economics Not Culture Wars Drove Most Trump Voters – Thomas Ferguson

The notion that racism and sexism were the primary factors driving the Trump vote is not born out by the data, economics was very important too. The rural working-class found their lives a little better under Trump and don't believe the Democrats care about them. Will Biden address the inequality...

Potential Biden Cabinet Picks Lean Right

Journalist Kevin Gosztola runs down Biden's transition team and possible Cabinet picks and it doesn't look good for progressives, on theAnalysis.news podcast with Paul Jay.

Joesph Keppler - The bosses of the Senate

The Bosses of the Senate

To reduce inequality, monopolies in finance and other economic sectors should be broken up or made public, says Polly Cleveland on theAnalysis.news podcast with Paul Jay.

Election Crisis and the Electoral College

Alan Hirsch, author of A Short History of Presidential Elections Crises: (And How to Prevent the Next One), says while there is no election crisis now - Biden's win is definitive - the electoral college is undemocratic and increases the possibilities of fraud, uncertain results, and more post...

WTO Protects Intellectual Property Rights Over Lives of Millions

Renowned Italian political scientist and economist Riccardo Petrella, says the WTO decision not to waive intellectual property rights during the pandemic will make crucial medicines and technology unaffordable. It could condemn millions to death. On theAnalysis.news podcast with Paul Jay in...

We Don’t Have to Live in Mitch McConnell’s World – Max Moran

If he wants to, and that's a big if, Biden has several tools available to circumvent McConnell’s Senate and still appoint the Cabinet secretaries he needs; plus 277 actions that are in the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force documents that can be accomplished with an executive order. Max Moran joins...