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This story was first posted on YouTube on Feb. 6th and was then deleted by YT. A warning was issued to about spreading “misinformation” about the 2020 election results, namely that they were won by fraud. You watch the piece and see if there is any truth to it. Read Matt Taibbi’s story about YouTube censorship of


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  1. The whole argument for Jan 6 being a coup is so tortured that it is almost sad. You show Trump´s speech and he says NOTHING out of the ordinary in terms of fomenting a “riot”. And what indeed happened was the mildest riot in the history of man – so mild that the powers-that-be resorted to LYING about the death of the one cop and continue to say the “deadly riot” when in fact the only people killed were the “rioters” themselves. The whole idea that such a coup would have ANY chance of succeeding in today´s America is absurd on the face of it. And BTW – referring to the 75 million Trump voters as fascists is absurd as well!
    Your interview work, on the other hand, is GREAT!

    1. I’ve never called 75 million Trump voters fascists. I have said that the section of the American oligarchy that backs Trump, and sections of other classes that support Trump, are part of a movement that is fascist in character. I’ve often said that many Trump voters previously voted for Obama, and are not fascist or even essentially racist. I’ve also said many times that the events of Jan 6 were not the main event of the coup attempt, it was in the process leading up to Jan 6 that was more serious. That said, what I’ve done is based on quotes from mainstream sources, I haven’t claimed to complete a firsthand verified investigation. What I know as a fact is many mainstream sources thought a coup was in progress prior to Jan 6, from the Financial Times to the American Association of Manufacturers – an outfit that was pro-Trump for four years.

  2. Thank you for this. Loved it! Please send me parts 2, 3, 4 of Ford on Reality Asserts. It seems Google is putting you back but picking and choosing your stories. Love what you’re doing. Just keep it up. raquel brac

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