Afghanistan War Pays Off BIG For Generals Who Lied

Where are all the top U.S. commanders of the Afghanistan War who lied to keep it going for 20 years? Turns out they’re doing pretty well! A report by Abby Martin for Empire Files.


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  1. The Afghan Papers (Washington Post Dec.,2019)showed what the Generals said in the Pentagon , which was different than what they said in Congress during the committee hearings about the Afghan War! This sounds like perjury! They were all taken care of by the defense contractors! Sounds like the Generals were partners in crime with the contractors! Not one General was fired for a poor performance , or indicted for perjury! The real questions after the ending of the Afghan War are Why did we fight the war? and who is responsible for this disaster?

  2. These is very important information Abby Martin is sharing with the world, but she does herself a disservice by presenting it as an amateur rock music video. It comes across as the same kind of claptrap vomited up by Fox or MSNBC and the silly soundtrack is such a distraction that I find it difficult to focus on the actual content of her stories and I generally skip them for less sensationalist reporting. She can do better than this.

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