Censorship in Germany, Israeli Hacking & Saudi-Iran Peace Deal - Dr. Shir Hever @acTVismMunich

In this episode of The Source, Zain Raza speaks with independent journalist, author, and economist Dr. Shir Hever about how and why his lecture on child labor in Palestine was abruptly censored by the GEW (Education and Science Workers’ Union) in Germany. They also talk about a recent Forbidden Stories article detailing how Israeli companies played a key role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal and continue to provide hacking services that influence countries’ elections. They examine the China-brokered peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran and the international significance it has for Israel. To conclude the interview, they take a look at recent developments between Israel and Palestine, focusing on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial reform in Israel.

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Dr. Shir Hever studies the economic aspects of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territory. He is the manager of the Alliance for Justice between Israelis and Palestinians and the military embargo coordinator for the Boycott National Committee. He has published two books and gives talks on various topics related to his research.”

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written by Slim Williams for Paul Jay’s documentary film “Never-Endum-Referendum“.  

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  1. staggeringly brilliant work by all your presenters consistently. How is it, so many leaders in the most important areas are either morons, evil bastards, cynical or just out to make money. They claim to be educated, but you are never educated if without moral responsibility and empathy. Thanks Paul for being you.

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