Matt Taibbi on Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay  (pt2)

Matt Taibbi talks about the rise of Putin, Russia-gate, and Rachel Maddow and Russophobia in the U.S. He joins Paul Jay for part two of Reality Asserts Itself on

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  1. Dear Paul:
    why are you stock with the Ruling class?” Putin is Bad”, what you expect from Putin? which ruler on the world stage is pro-worker?
    It is time to talk about organizing workers that are suffering in general.
    We need to know what David Harvey, Ric. Wolff and people like them are thinking.
    all these people in power are a bunch of gangsters is different forms.

  2. MT: “we spent millions of dollars we funneled to sort of pro-democratic organizations in Russia”. should be: “pro-western corporation neo-liberal anti-democratic organizations.” Capitalist hate democracy, they love fake democracy that they have purchased, but they don’t like real democracy, nor did America’s founding fathers. May 29, 1787, Edmund Randolph, governor of Virginia, opened the Constitutional Convention by identifying the underlying cause of various problems that the delegates assembled to solve. “Our chief danger, arises from the democratic parts of our constitutions.” None of the separate states’ constitutions had established “sufficient checks against the democracy.”

    PJ: “I would critique Trump and I would critique the Democrats. I wouldn’t just say what Tucker wants to hear. ” (1) That you would think this about Glenn Greenwald reflects back on what you think you might do if you could get invited on to MSNBC/CNN, etc. Please check yourself. (2) What you say here sounds just like something that would come out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth. Again, Check yourself. Lets not have any out reach to anyone who thinks differently than our own little bubble, right?

    1. As I said in the interview, I have no problem being a guest on Carlson, but I wouldn’t pander to his right wing politics. On MSNBC I would attack their Russophobia and defence of corporate democrats. Of course, that’s why I don’t get invited on either.

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