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Restructure Capitalism or Fascism Will Grow

Prabhat Patnaik reflects on the COVID-19 shock that has worsened the crisis triggered by globalized finance. Only two possibilities emerge: restructure capitalism by controlling finance, or let the tendencies towards very coercive forms of fascism grow.

Brazil: Bolsonaro has Covid, Opposition is Fragmented

President Bolsonaro has taken a Trump like stance minimizing the pandemic and his polling numbers are down. The opposition is too fragmented says Lorena Barberia on theAnalysis.news podcast with Paul Jay. Produced in cooperation with Other News, Voices Against the Tide

Will Unions Respond to the Pandemic Moment?

Trade unions have the potential to play a pivotal role in developing a more significant mass movement - but will they? Clare Hammonds and Cedric Johnson join Paul Jay on theAnalysis.news podcast

Healthy people, a healthy planet and a healthy economy

Richard Kozul-Wright explains why these challenges need to be addressed at once in a transformative agenda. The COVID-19 crisis shows that funding can be made available; the problem is the lack of political will to confront the Wall Street consensus.

Covid-19: What Is To Be Done?

According to Prof Jayati Ghosh, this is the greatest crisis experienced by the capitalist system; she lays out the direction of policy responses commensurate to what is needed.


The Unexpected Reckoning: COVID 19 and Capitalism

The coronovirus pandemic exposes the consequences of taking the neoliberal road decades ago, explains Prof Radhika Desai. She discusses the failures of the Western capitalist system and the need to reorient our societies and economies.