The War on Cuba — Episode 1

Belly of The Beast is a media outlet that counters parachute journalism by providing stories directly from the island.


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  1. The story of the blockade goes MUCH DEEPER than this flyweight docu indicates. Baseball players? Really. I suspect that the Hollywood guys behind this project think that´s “sexy”. It´s not. It´s superficial. They are probably also responsible for choosing a young, lightweight, if nice, WOMAN as the narrator, in keeping with the PR mandates of our times. But women rarely have charisma or “gravitas” – that´s just a fact. So the “lightweightedness” is only further accentuated. Very disappointing to see such a chance wasted.

    1. This was produced by a collective based in Havana, mostly young Cubans. Reed Lindsay is an American filmmaker that now lives in Cuba and is part of the collective. No Hollywood types involved, just people who know how to produce high production values.

    2. Maybe you have a virus on your computer/phone and thus was miss-directed to a different video. That’s about the only way I can understand how you didn’t hear or see the coverage on impact of embargo on medicine/medical equipment, tourism, finance, remittance, and trade balance payments.

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