COP 26: End the Cynicism and Denial - Pt 2

Workers need to know that oil companies have lied to them for years; the elites imagine a world at four degrees warming is acceptable; that a just transition for fossil fuel workers is affordable. Patrick Bond joins Paul Jay on


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COP 26: End the Cynicism and Denial - Pt 2

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  1. Just read the Nobel Prize lecture of William D. Nordhaus and I think the quotation about a 4 degree rise in temperature being ‘optimal’ is taken out of context. It is a result of one of many models that Nordhaus discusses and there is no reason to suppose that he associates himself with that particular model. Some of the other models discussed constrain temperature rise to a maximum of two degrees. I think it is encouraging that some economists are trying to take climate change seriously, even though they still underestimate its potential costs and do not fully grasp its existential character. I would like to see a serious debate between Nordhaus and an activist climate scientist like Michael Mann, moderated by Paul Jay.

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