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How Deep Will the Depression Get? – Rana Foroohar and Mark Blyth

Rana Foroohar, Financial Times columnist and author (Don't Be Evil: How Big Tech Betrayed Its Founding Principles), and Mark Blyth, political economist and author (Angrynomics), join Paul Jay for a wide-ranging conversation about the deepening depression, inequality, and China. On theAnalysis.news...

Canada: The Throne Speech Must Include Imposing a Wealth Tax

The speech from the throne is only weeks away. Moments like these — pandemics, depressions, wars — are historical turning points, often marking a time period when fundamental change toward social and economic equality become possible. By Bruce Campbell.

Biden Blurring Almost Everything – Thomas Ferguson

The Biden campaign is trying to appeal to supporters of a Green New Deal and the finance sector at the same time. He's promising an FDR style New Deal at a time when Wall St. is more powerful than ever. Thomas Ferguson joins Paul Jay on theAnalysis.news podcast.

Fed. Defends the ‘Creditor’s Paradise’ – Mark Blyth

They are building more and more fragility in the system, and the bailouts are becoming bigger and bigger, to a point where business as a whole is able to run an unsustainable moral hazard extortion game against central banks. Mark Blyth joins Paul Jay on theAnalysis.news podcast.